Softek Announces Expanded Storage Array Support for Dataset-Level Migration Software

LDMF Now Supports Multi-Vendor Data Migrations from Any-to-Any Storage Arrays For Increased Flexibility

Vienna, Virginia, January 9, 2006 – Softek Storage Solutions, the leader in non-disruptive data migration solutions, today announced a new capability of the Logical Data Migration Facility (LDMF) data migration software that significantly expands the qualified storage arrays supported by the industry's only on-line dataset-level migration software.

New LDMF migration capabilities increase customer flexibility by supporting movement of datasets between any similar DASD storage volume, regardless of vendor or specific storage array. Control unit devices can be from the same vendor, different vendors or different models, as long as data movement is between similar device architectures (i.e. 3390 to 3390).

“LDMF is even stronger now that it supports non-disruptive dataset-level migrations from any array to any array, because most large enterprise storage environments contain arrays from multiple vendors,” said Tony Asaro, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Our tests concluded that LDMF was a ‘no brainer' solution for mainframe environments that need to perform dataset-level migrations. Supporting seamless data movement to and within any storage array was, in fact, one of our key recommendations for enhancing future versions of the product. We are glad to see that this is now a reality, making LDMF even more of an ideal choice for technology refreshes (host and system upgrades), storage consolidations, resolving unit control block (UCB) constraint issues, data growth and performance balancing.”

“This new functionality significantly expands the market reach for LDMF across corporate enterprises, and is in response to customer requirements for open, multi-vendor data migration capabilities,” said Amena Ali, senior vice president of worldwide marketing and product strategy. “Based on extremely strong initial market demand for LDMF, we have moved quickly to expand the value of LDMF to the rest of the mainframe market. By further qualifying and supporting additional storage arrays, we are fully addressing the age-old problem of non-disruptive dataset migration to larger geometries and to relieving UCB and domain name space constraints.

Typical LDMF installations are priced based on capacity and size of servers with average deployments ranging in the low $100,000. The software is available from Softek and EMC through the EMC Select Program.




About LDMF
As the only on-line alternative to performing manual copies or using other utilities which require lengthy application downtime, the LDMF software enables mainframe administrators to more efficiently relocate information onto new storage systems, tier their storage environment, non-disruptively optimize volume utilization and performance, and consolidate datasets onto fewer disk volumes. In addition to migrating data to larger volumes and arrays, the LDMF software is useful for other complex processes such as reclaiming unit control blocks (UCBs) and dataset-level workload balancing.

About Softek
Softek provides non-disruptive data availability solutions that enable companies to see, move and recover data, with full customer choice, regardless of server platform or storage vendor. The company offers a family of host-based enterprise data migration software, utilizing synchronous, asynchronous and point-in-time copy replication technologies, and covering UNIX, Windows and z/OS platforms.

Since 1996, Softek data migration, data replication and storage resource management solutions have helped more than 700 enterprise customers improve data availability while reducing the risk, cost and complexity associated with optimizing multi-vendor storage infrastructures.

Softek Storage Solutions Corporation is an independent software company based in Vienna, Virginia. Technology partners include EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM and Sun/StorageTek, in addition to VARs and distributors worldwide. For further information, visit www.softek.com.


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