「John Doe」とは一体誰のこと?

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 訴訟関連の記事でよく見かける、John Doeという名前。実は「John Doe」という名前の人がいるのではありません。身元が不明の場合や、名前を明かしたくない場合に使う言葉なのです。


AOL and EarthLink also took aim at spammers peddling controlled substances, including Vicodin and other drugs, which are legally sold only by prescription. EarthLink's suit also accused several "John Doe" defendants of sending deceptive e-mails to advertise low mortgage or loan rates. The company accused the defendants of attempting to collect and resell consumers' names and contact information, which is illegal.


New round of spam suits from AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo
By Marguerite Reardon, October 28, 2004 12:59 PM PDT

 この記事は、AOLやEarthLinkなど4社が提携し迷惑メール送信者を相手取って訴訟を起こしたときの記事です。EarthLinkの訴訟では、低金利の住宅ローンや貸出金利を宣伝する詐欺メールを送った複数の「John Doe」たちが被告となっていると書かれています。つまり、EarthLinkが迷惑メール送信者の身元を特定しないまま提訴したということです。


The girl, named in the case as Julie Doe, initially filed suit along with her mother, named as Jane Doe, after she was sexually assaulted in May 2006 by 19-year-old Pete Solis, whom she met on MySpace. The lawsuit, filed in a Texas state court, targeted MySpace, parent company News Corp., and Solis. Among the allegations against MySpace were fraud, negligence, gross negligence, and negligent misrepresentation, and the Does claimed MySpace should have had technology in place to make it impossible for someone as young as Julie to create a profile in the first place.


Court: Don't blame MySpace for offline sexual assault
by Caroline McCarth
May 19, 2008 12:48 PM PDT


 このニュースでは、少女に対し「Julie Doe」という仮名が使われ、彼女の母親に「Jane Doe」が使われています。当事者が女性の場合は、John以外の名前が、使われることもあるのです。

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