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LeTAO has started the hotel delivery service for overseas visitors recently. As a result of the considerable increase of foreign visitors to Japan, LeTAO has offered a new distribution channel “Deliver from Hokkaido” by establishing English and Chinese website for customers to place their orders, and providing all in one service with multilingual customer support from responding to customer’s inquiry as well as delivery service.

Background of the service
The overseas visitors in Japan has increased significantly nowadays that LeTAO has kept offering special events in the airports and department stores around Japan for providing services to customers, whom do not have plan to visit Hokkaido. However, as the limitation of time period and location of special events, LeTAO has received numbers of inquiries about whether the date of special events could be matched with their schedules or not from customers.

Moreover, there is a significant increase in requirements about delivering the orders to hotels in Japan from customers that placed the orders on LeTAO’s Japanese official online shop. As the result, LeTAO has started the multilingual customer support and offer nation-wide delivery service of their products in Japan.

Features of the service
The features of delivery service for customers who stay in hotel
・Supporting 3 languages (English, Chinese and Japanese)
・Credit card payment is available.
・3~5days delivery since the order has been placed.
(The delivery fee of each cardboard of frozen products or refrigerated products: Hokkaido area for 360yen. Other areas in Japan for 720yen.)

Benefits to overseas visitors in Japan
・Purchasing LeTAO’s products without visiting Hokkaido.
・Supporting the successful delivery of bulk orders by allowing customers to register the requirements in advance of order placement.
・Without keeping and carrying the large numbers of frozen and refrigerated products when traveling around for a long time.
・Offering multilingual customer support in their native language to respond customers’ questions or orders directly.


TEL 0120-46-8825(9:00~18:00) FAX 0120-333-325
URL:リンク  E-mail:webshop@letao.jp

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