無料Androidカメラアプリ「FxCamera」、世界2,000万ダウンロードを達成 〜iPhone版「FxCamera」も近日公開予定〜

株式会社ビットセラー 2012年10月16日 14時46分


「FxCamera」は、簡単な操作で色々なエフェクト付きの写真が撮れるカメラアプリで、国内のみならず北米・東アジア地域を中心に世界225カ国で利用されております。 「FxCamera」は、2012年6月の全面リニューアル以降、世界35カ国のGoogle Playの写真カテゴリーで上位5位にランキングされるなど、世界の幅広い国と地域で、急速な勢いで利用者数を伸ばしております。



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FxCamera: Free Android Camera App, 20million downloads worldwide,
FxCamera: iPhone App: Soon to be Released

Minato-ku, Tokyo. (October 16, 2012) - As the central office located in Tokyo, Minato-ku, Bitcellar, Inc. (also known as Bitcellar) is a company that operates Free Android Camera App known as the FxCamera (リンク). We currently hold a cumulative total of 20 million downloads showing a fast and popular growth amongst users.

FxCamera is a free and easy camera application that allows anyone to take creative photos using various effects such as: toy camera, fisheye, and symmetrical anywhere at anytime. Not only is FxCamera App used in the Japanese market but also, is in high demand throughout other countries from North America to the East Asia region; centralizing in 225 different countries and regions.
After its successful renewal of FxCamera in June 2012, this App has reached Top 5 in the Photography category in Google Play amongst 35 countries and has ever since increased the number of access rapidly.

Currently, FxCamera is imminently provided in the Android market but because there were positive demands from our users, we are looking to broaden our spectrum to iPhone users as well.

Bitcellar aims to create and expand accessibility for the public as well as to achieve an increase in the number of users. To do so, we will continue to further enhance our camera function, strengthen economic partnership through social media, and create a new iPhone App.

About Bitcellar, Inc. リンク
Bitcellar sees an opportunity in change in the way people take their photos. We want to bring people and photos closer to each other. With our Android camera app, "FxCamera" which has already became popular to a lot of people than their digital cameras, and "Cellar" a cloud photo storage service, we aim to make the way people deal with their photos simpler.

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Email: info at thebitcellar.com
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Twitter @bitcellar

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