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What's New in Joomla! -Joomla!の翻訳・その6-

2008/06/20 18:55
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What's New in Joomla!






Wednesday, 04 June 2008


The Joomla! Project is evolving. What started with a more closed, small organization is developing into the much larger and more open organization that produces, protects and supports the Joomla! Project today. This month is filled with events reflecting that evolution.


This last December we had a Pizza, Bugs and Fun event that was key to getting Joomla! 1.5 ready for its phenomenal release in January. It also provided an opportunity for us as a community to get to know each other a little better and build relationships that will continue to drive the Joomla! project into the future. If you can, you should consider participating in the second PBF coming up this month. It will be even bigger than the first.


In our continuing effort to lower barriers to participate in the project and improve communication, we've recently relaunched the Joomla! developer section with a series of blogs so that the various development related teams can keep everyone updated on what is going on and provide another format for people to discuss ideas. We have also started development on Joomla! 1.6 after a public process requesting features and receiving input on specific improvements to the next minor release of Joomla!.


Getting Together


With the huge growth of the Joomla! project and its community, there is much to be discussed and worked on with respect to sites and infrastructure. Because of this, the Joomla! Sites and Infrastructure Working Group will be having their first ever meeting this summer in
Vancouver just before the first Joomla! Day Vancouver. This is a big event for the Joomla! project and a great opportunity for everyone involved to discuss new ways of supporting the Joomla! project and its community through our sites and infrastructure. We hope to see as many of you working group members as possible there and hope that everyone who can attend the Joomla! Day will come out and participate.


Next week, the Joomla! Core Team and Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Inc. will be holding their next summit in
Pfronten, Germany. The primary focus of this four-day summit will be to discuss how to steer the Joomla! Project into the future. Teams will be blogging from the summit to share items of discussion and get your direct feedback.


We want to thank and honor everyone that has helped guide the Joomla! Project through these last few years. Four Joomla! Core Team members who have done just that and recently moved on to focus on other endeavors are Johan Janssens, Shayne Bartlett, Peter Russell and Rob Schley.  Rob continues to serve the Project by sitting on the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Inc.  We thank each of them for their years of dedicated service and wish them all the best for the future.


Getting Involved


The re-launch of the developer section is aimed at improving communication and lowering barriers to entry in Joomla! development. But, the Joomla! Project requires more than development skill to innovate and run efficiently. We are also looking to do this in other areas. There is a new site we are working on which aims to accomplish those same things on a much larger scale. You won't want to miss the juicy details and inside discussion at the Sites and Infrastructure meeting during Joomla! Day Vancouver.


As previously announced, the second Joomla! PBF is happening soon. This new event is geared towards getting Joomla! 1.5.4 ready for release and squashing as many bugs as possible. Anyone and everyone can participate in helping make Joomla! better. Working all together there is no limit to what we can achieve so come be a part of the magic.







Joomla! プロジェクトは発展しています。Joomla! プロジェクトはよりクローズドなものだったのですが、小さい組織から始まったものがはるかに大きくてJoomlaを創造し、保護して、支持して、より開放的な組織に発展しています!










もし可能ならば、あなたは、今月行われる第2PBFに参加しようと考えるべきです。 それは最初のものよりさらに規模が大きくなるでしょう。






人々が考えについて議論するように、開発の関連したチームは、別の形式を行って、提供しつづけます。 また、みんなからの改善リクエストを考慮した後に特別な改良を受け入れ、次のマイナーリリースに向かって私たちはJoomla1.6の開発を始めました!









 これのために、Joomla! サイトとインフラ・ストラクチャ作業部会はそれらを今年の夏に最初にバンクーバーで行われるイベントを実施するでしょう!









来週、Joomla! オープンSource Matters Inc.のコアTeamと理事会はPfronten、ドイツで彼らの次のサミットを開催しているでしょう。 この4日間のサミットの焦点は今後のJoomla!をどうしていくか、その方法について議論することになっているでしょう!  チームは、議論の項目を共有して、あなたのダイレクトフィードバックを得るためにサミットからウェブログを作るでしょう。







ロブは、オープンSource Matters Inc.理事会に座ることによってこのプロジェクトに奉仕し続けてきました。彼らの数年のひたむきな仕事についてそれぞれ彼らに感謝します。そして、私たちは彼らのご多幸を祈ります。









しかし、Joomla! プロジェクトは、効率的に革新するために開発技術を効率的に実行することを必要とします。











予告どおり第2回目のJoomla! PBFはすぐ、実施されます。










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